How does Frank work?

Just click the blue button at the bottom of this page, ask any career- / workplace-related question, and wait for a response. It's that easy! Every response is done by a human being - not a chatbot.
What success stories do you have?

We've helped...

  • We helped a student who wasn't sure what she wanted to do think through potential options.
  • We helped a student who spent months applying to jobs with no call-backs get an offer in a week.
  • We helped a humanities major in a non-target school land a job with a top consulting firm.
  • We helped a student get into a competitive summer program with a top-tier investment bank.
  • We helped a student who was confused by a job posting understand what the job entails.
  • We helped an intern more confidently ask her manager for feedback.
  • We helped an intern go from translating documents to doing cutting-edge work for his team.
  • We helped a recent grad contribute more substantively to team meetings.
  • We helped a recent grad negotiate her 15% pay bump.

Is Frank at chatbot?

No - we are real people!

Do I connect with a specific person?

No - because we have a rotation of mentors around the clock. However, every mentor picks up where the last one left off, so it's as if Frank gets to know you more and more over time, just like a real mentor (without the judgment).

Why the name "Frank"?

Because the best mentors are "frank" mentors!
What's the difference between Frank and my college's career center?

With Frank there's no booking, no stress of asking "stupid questions", and no time constraints. You can shoot Frank a message on the bus, get a response, and not respond until lunchtime or whenever you have time. Say goodbye to scheduling. Oh, and you're talking with a professional in your industry, not a professional counselor.

Why should I chat with Frank over using an online forum or website?

Because nowhere else can you get personalized guidance, in real time, on your schedule, from a vetted professional who's been in your shoes. Sometimes you might not even know what questions to ask. That's okay too!

What kind of questions can I ask?

You can ask any question related to your career or workplace.

Here is a taste of what users have asked us before (but don't let this constrain you - we're pretty much open to anything!):

On the job search:
  • "I don't know where I should apply. Help!"
  • "I have an on-campus recruiting event coming up. How should I prepare?"
  • "How do I stand out in front of X employer?"
  • "How should I decide between X opportunity and Y opportunity?
  • "What parts of my resume need to be improved?"
Once you are on the job:
  • "My manager just assigned me [X project] and I have no idea where to start. Help!"
  • "At my last meeting I said [X comment] and others disagreed. What do I do now?"
  • "How should I prioritize my time this summer given [X, Y, and Z circumstances]?"
  • "What are some appropriate small-talk topics with clients?"
  • "My manager keeps giving me [X feedback]. What does this mean?"
Note: Please do not share any confidential or material non-public information. Please see our Terms of Service for additional details.
Can I only ask questions?

No - As if you were talking to a real mentor, you can also just share what's happening in your life and Frank will listen and diagnose your situation.
Where do answers come from?

All our answers come from our year-long research with 200+ managers and entry level employees who've been in your shoes before and extensive consultations with our adviser network (who are all real-world professionals in your desired industry). We strive to make every question specific, actionable, and high quality. We would never advise anything that we would not do ourselves or that we do not reach consensus on.
What about subjective questions for which there may not be a black or white answer?

We will consult multiple members of our adviser network and share their feedback and note the specific parts where there might be differences of opinion. Chatting with Frank is like chatting with a smart friend who is also insanely well connected.

Will I get different, conflicting guidance depending on whom I'm talking to?

Different people will have different opinions, yes. That's life. We realize this, so to provide you with only the highest quality guidance we make sure our guidance consists only of what we agree on to be "best practice".

How quickly can I expect a response?

On average our response rate is 5 minutes, though trickier questions may require us to spend more time to do the necessary consultations with our network of experts (we will let you know). We accept questions at all hours of the day, and respond to questions from 6am-10:30pm ET, Monday through Sunday.
What if I have more questions?

Just click the blue button below and send your question to Frank!
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